Mentorship Program!

Great Escape

Are you a Tasmanian musical act looking to take things to the next level? We want to help you!

Great Escape Events is looking for upcoming Tasmanian artists to work with in 2022. We want to cover the costs of recording your latest single, producing a music video to go with it, and a chance to play on stage at Great Escape Festival 2022.

Find out more about us and about the Mentorship Program below

Our Company

Great Escape Events.

Great Escape festival is Tasmania’s newest and most exciting outdoor music and arts event. Founded in 2021 by prominent Tasmanian band Chase City, GEE wanted to provide much needed stimulus into a struggling local arts sector at a particularly difficult time (Covid 19).

Launching Great Escape was a courageous and exciting decision motivated by a desire to create an outlet for upcoming artists to perform and develop alongside internationally recognised performers. Following its success in 2021, Great Escape Events are keen to establish the festival as an annual event that brings world class music and arts to Tasmanian residents and attracts tourists from across Australia and beyond.

The Mentorship Program

Great Escape Events is excited to launch our mentorship program for the 2022 event. As local artists, we have a passion for Tasmanian music and want to do our part in heightening the local music scene. As such, we will be choosing 2 artists to help them take the next step in their musical journey!

We understand how expensive & resource heavy putting out music is in 2021, and how daunting it can be if you don’t know the steps to follow or have the right industry contacts. That is why we plan to cover the costs of a full single release cycle for our chosen artists. This will begin by securing the act studio time to record and produce a brand new single; followed by filming and editing a music video to accompany the release. Following that we will be offering live performance mentoring sessions to help level up your live show, and lastly, the chance to play on the main stage at Great Escape 2022.

Mentorship Program.

The Steps

Pre Production

The first step is to work together to get your chosen song ready for recording.


The artist will be given 2 days free studio time to record their chosen song.

Mixing & Mastering

Your song will be sent off for mixing & mastering to get it to a professional standard and ready for release.

Music Video Filming & Editing

Work with a local videographer to create a music video that will accompany your release.

Performance Mentorship

The chosen artist will get a session with an experienced Tasmanian performer to hone their live set ready for the festival.

Performance Time

The program will culminate in a live performance at Great Escape 2022!

How To Apply

Click on the button below and fill out the online application form.

When submitting your application, keep in mind that these are some of the things we’re most interested in hearing about from you:

  • Summary of your musical journey to this point
  • Any upcoming shows – This is not a requirement for your application, but if you do have any shows lined up let us know!
  • Why you think you’re ready to take a step up
  • Links to any media of you – recordings, videos, photos etc.