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Great Escape

Below are some FAQs. Please don't hesitate to reach out for anything not covered here at

General FAQs

When is the festival?

Great Escape kicks off at 9am on December 30th and we’ll keep the party pumping until the first sunrise of the New Year on January 1st.

Where is the festival?

Great Escape NYE will be held at Redbanks, Nugent! A 25-minute pilgrimage from Sorell, with the final 10 minutes taking you on a dirt road journey!

Can I bring my children?

Great Escape is an 18+ event. IDs will be checked at the entry – and we strictly keep the party adult only!

Can I bring my caravan/campervan/van?

You sure can, just make sure you’ve purchased the appropriate vehicle pass for it!

How do I volunteer?

Join our vollie crew! Our volunteers make the magic happen, and get a free ticket in return for a 7 hour shift. Sign up to a vollie shift here – 

What to bring?

  • Vibes: Top-tier, premium good ones only!
  • Wardrobe: A sprinkle of everything – be ready for the Tassie weather roulette! Don’t forget your costume for our Space Cowboys theme!
  • Hydration: Your trusty water bottles (refill spots aplenty on site).
  • Foods & Bevs: BYO food and drinks, but also indulge in our cocktail bars and food vans (BBQs and fires are a no-go)!
  • Sleep Set-Up: Tents, swags, or cozy caravans, plus warm sleepwear.
  • Illumination: A trusty torch to light your midnight adventures (being remote = very dark).
  • Picnic Blanket: for the ultimate set up
  • Esky: yes, we will have ice for sale!
  • Payment: Bring the plastic (cards), because cash just isn’t our jam.
  • Personal Care: Meds and toiletries to keep you fresh.

What not to bring?

  • Cookout Gear: Absolutely no BBQs, gas bottles, or fire-starters (total fireban).
  • Furry Friends: Pets will have to sit this party out, sorry!
  • Breakables: Leave the glass items safely at home.
  • Young’uns: Kiddos under 18 are a no-go (strictly 18+ event).
  • Negativity: Keep bad vibes and unsavoury behaviour off our groovy fields.

🎉 Remember: Safety, respect, and good vibes keep the party popping all night long! 🎉

Can I buy ice?

Ice, ice baby! Grab some frosty cubes from our bar to keep your drinks and snacks as cool as you are.

Ticket FAQs

How can I buy a ticket?

Great Escape NYE 23/24 has sold out! Head over to Tixel if you want to try and nab a resale (our official resale platform). 

Have FOMO? Make sure you get in quick next year!

Will tickets be available on the gate?

We’ve sold out! Door sales are not available.

What is a vehicle pass and do I need one?

You need a vehicle pass to bring any vehicle into our festival site! Make sure you get the right pass for your vehicle (car pass for cars, caravan/campervan pass for anything bigger than an SUV). It’s our eco-friendly plot to keep the number of vehicles down and encourage carpool karaoke!

Can I sell my ticket?

You can officially sell your ticket through Tixel, who partner with Oztix. 

Remember: no tickets from second-hand websites will be honoured – Tixel is the only legit resale path!

Lost your ticket?

Don’t panic! Flick an email to with your name and proof of purchase, and we’ll send a new confirmation your way.

I don’t want to go anymore, can I get a refund?

Our tickets are non-refundable for those change-of-heart moments. Opt to sell via the Tixel resale platform!

Miscellaneous FAQs

What’s happening with rubbish?

We’re on a mission to love our planet as much as we love our tunes! Here’s how we’re keeping it clean:

  • Rubbish Bags: On arrival, you’ll snag a dynamic duo of rubbish bags – one for general waste, one for recyclables. Be a legend and take these out with you when you leave.
  • Bins: On site, we’ve got a plethora of bins, all clearly labelled. Toss your trash in the right bin – ask us if you are confused, we’re here to help!
  • Green Team Vollies: Our eco-warriors (a.k.a. the “Green Team”) will be there to ensure everything gets sorted and disposed of responsibly.
  • No Single-Use Plastics: Wave goodbye to single-use plastics – they’re not on our guest list. We encourage you to do the same!
  • Love the Grounds: Please don’t litter. Our grounds are precious, and future four-legged residents don’t need any unexpected snacks!

Together, let’s make sure our party print is as light as our dance steps!

How can I reduce my footprint at the festival?

Join us in our eco-mission! Here’s how you can groove with a green conscience:

  • Carpool Karaoke: Team up for travel! Carpooling cuts down on emissions and amps up the pre-festival excitement (plus saves you some $$$ on car passes!).
  • BYO Bottle: Bring a reusable water bottle. Our refill stations are ready to quench your thirst, eco-style.
  • Snack Smart: Use reusable containers for your snacks. Less packaging equals a happier Earth.
  • Digital Over Paper: Embrace your digital tickets – print outs are not needed! Just make sure you’ve downloaded your ticket onto your phone before arrival (you won’t have reception)
  • Rubbish Responsibly: Use those two rubbish bags we give you – one for recycling, one for waste. Let’s keep our festival tidy. Please take these home with you!

Reject Single-Use Plastics: Say no to single-use plastics. They’re the unruly crowd members we can do without.


Send your accessibility inquiries to us at 

Whilst we do our best to ensure everyone can enjoy Great Escape, please note the event is hosted on a charmingly rugged farm – think undulating terrain, camping and distances between all the fun zones!

Do you accept Companion Cards?

Absolutely! We’re all about inclusivity and ensuring everyone gets to enjoy the music. Bring your Companion Card along, and we’ll take care of the rest.